Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Want to create a bronze makeup look?

Hahah that thumbnail always makes me laugh... 
I should start making a photo before I upload my videos cause sometimes the picture looks a bit off ;) 

If you want to see how I created a bronzy/brown soft smoky eye, this video will explain to you step by step how to do it!

It is really simple and the key to the look is blending! :) 

Hope you enjoy!



  1. I dont know, I think you look good in every picture. .. I don't think you could look bad! Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it and i like that you give tips throughout and explain why also. Thanks Laura!
    Xx hugs :-) hope you have a great weekend.

  2. aww you are too sweet :) ur making me blush :)

    yay weekend time! :) But it has been raining today :( I wanted to do a BBQ... lets cross our fingers for the sun to come out!


  3. I will be sending warm wishes for sun your way :-) where I'm at, today was the first day we got above 40º and it was so nice, we actually got up to 70º and finally we could go outside and enjoy the day. I didn't think it would ever stop snowing, seriously! !! ♡♡ hugs ;-)


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