Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy breakfast! :)

Im all better! :) 

And what better way to start your day than with a healthy nice fruity breakfast? 
I decided to change my morning routines and trade in the nice and fatty cornflakes for kids (you know those chocolaty ones with screamy commercials? I LOOOOVE those :D). I always thought it was normal and just me to be hungry only two hours after I ate breakfast. I was wrong. It is because I ate or bread with njummi Nutella, or lately, Ive been eating chocolate cornflakes with milk. Milk is good but those cornflakes are maybe not the best option.
I really want to treat my body a bit better to make sure I dont get sick that easily again and decided to start eating yogurt and fruits with granola. It is SOO good!!! I know it takes you about 5 min more in the morning to prepare your breakfast, but trust me, it is so worth it! Not only is it way better for you, but it fills you up and even at lunch time im not that hungry. No hidden Twix bars or cookies between 10 and 12 but just the feeling of being fulfilled! :) 
I also started making coffee or tea every morning and make time for a real morning routine. 
I have this new machine that makes awesome foam so I can get a real Starbucks coffee in my own living room :) mmm makes me almost want to wake up to eat this njummie food again..
Happy to be back! :) 

Talk soon 



  1. oh my gosh that's funny I am obsessed with Greek yogurt, granola and blueberries yummy so good!! so jealous about the coffee maker I love Starbucks I wish I could make it home cuz its way to expensive to go there everyday... I started a morning routine also cause I am always soooo bad at running late, or sleeping in in the mornings so now I make myself get up at the first alarm and I have a routine and give myself plenty of time cause I am super slow or in the morning and I need a good hour and a half 2 get ready cause I'm so slow & like to take my time in the mornings!!

    1. Hey Jamie! Thank you so much for your message :) Haha I know!! Having a morning routine can be dreadful at first but after a while it is a really nice thing to wake up for :) (Me too hahahaha Im always running late for everything!)
      Yesss that coffee and milk foam machine is insane!! It is sooo good and sometimes I even get a bit hyper because i went a bit overboard with the coffee drinking :) woops..
      have a great day! Xxxx

  2. What coffe maker is it? I'm looking to maybe get one to save some money, I have only tried the keurig ones we have at work.
    <3 hope youre having a great week!

  3. It is actually a simple french press! So you go buy your starbucks coffee and ask if they prep it for french press usage and there you go! It couldnt be more easy!!! :)
    The mousse stuff is another machine that looks like a water boiler and I forgot which brand it is, but I will look it up :)
    oooohhh those are nice, the Keurig ones! Mmmm where you can choose your little pot thingy?
    Thanks! You too! :) and thank you for checking out my posts :) xxx talk soon!


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