Sunday, April 28, 2013

New skincare


Because of a recent "extreme" break out (iewwww) I decided I should buy some new products for my skin. 
Maybe I used a product my skin didn't really like, or maybe my hormones are being a bit odd, in any case, it is sadly a fact at the moment that my skin is having some trouble...

I am currently breaking out on my chin area and I feel like my normal ritual isn't enough. 
I started using a Caudalie product a couple of months ago called the Pulpe Vitaminee serum and it really did wonders to my skin. Even if I didn't have pimples, you still have some discoloration that might not look just right and that product really helped me getting a very clear and healthy looking face. I therefore decided I'd check the Caudalie area at my local drugstore and I found these two products: a purifying mask and a matifying moisturizer. :) 
I am really curious to see if they will work because the mask is just a clay based product made for troubled skin, and the cream says it will reduce the production of oil. It has grape water which should be good for your skin..
I have used other matifying creams but I still tend to produce a lot of 'oil' around 4 in the afternoon in case I use a moisturizer. Hopefully this cream will do what it says :) 
Besides the Caudalie products, I also decided to buy two Bioderm products which I both used before. One is a purifying scrub and one is a spot treatment cream. It is pretty good but not a heavy treatment for acne. If you feel like you have acne that won't go away with these drugstore products, I'd suggest buying a Retinal cream which makes your skin peel but stimulates the new creation of skin cells. 
That way, you will get some extra pimples while treating your skin but afterwards, your skin will clear up like crazy! You can also use this cream to fight wrinkles :) 
I'm afraid it is only accessible after prescription, so a doctor visit will be needed. (of course other creams contain a little bit of that, but never enough to really get rid of acne).
I might do a blog post/video soon about how I got rid of my acne (so a vicious circle of pimples that will not go away, rather then a weird extreme break out that will go away easily after a week :) 

Fieuw :) 
As some of you might know, I went shopping twice (!!! - I know... :s) this weekend, so
if you want to see what I have bought this weekend, please stay tuned for my video that will be up normally tomorrow somewhere. 
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Hope to talk to you soon there as well :)


  1. Love the candle!
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  2. thank you! :)
    it is coton scented :) xxxxx thanks for passing by!


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