Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Summer must haves

Hey there!
I know this picture looks really bad, but I took a screenshot of my upcoming video. 
I went shopping over the last couple of weeks and bought some really cute items that I thought I'd share with you!
I started to edit my video but for some reason the program stopped and the editing work was gone, so I have to start all over again :)
That will be work for tomorrow.
Aaaahhh I can't believe how hot it is these days! I live pretty high up so the heat just travels its way up and makes my life very overheated atm.
I got so excited I wanted to make home made iced tea, but when I cut my orange, I accidentally cut my finger so half of my nail (just polished it grrr) and a piece of my skin is gone so I had to go to the ER. Ewwww... and also lost half a day bc of that. 
So typing now isn't going the easiest seeing I have a huuuuge finger to type with!
I am also very busy planning my trip... Remember my post on how I neeeeded a vacation desperately? Well, it has been decided: IM GOING TO MALAYSIA!!!!!
I am sooo excited about this!! I already went to Thailand once and I loved Asia sooo much that I am really happy to be able to go to Malaysia this time. I heard the shopping in Kuala Lumpur is insaaane... If anyone reads this and has been there/ lives there pls share some cool places with me! Any kind of info is welcome :) 
Ok, well I am going to watch the real housewives of the OC now. I am in the mood for some Tamra and Heather action :) 

Talk soon 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wanna know more about my June favorites?

Ive been loving these products, some recently, some since.. forever :) 
Also  check out my 4th of July outfit :) I didn't go crazy on the nails, but I did stick to the color scheme :) 
Al the info on the products is explained in the video
Hope you enjoy!
Talk soon 

Monday, July 1, 2013


I miss going on vacation... 
This was shot last year in Scandinavia. 
I had such a blast there for about a month. 
Here is me drinking and eating pizza on a bridge somewhere looking at the sunset. 
Very very romantic setting :)