Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Lipsticks! :)

My absolute favorite spring lipstick of the moment is the Betty Bright from Mac. Unfortunately, it is a limited edition lipstick from the Archie's girls collection BUT you can still find them in Mac stores! 
It is the lipstick I am holding in the thumbnail. It is a bright peach color perfect for summer and spring and it gives you an instant tan! I'm not kidding!!

This is the Betty bright lipstick. I really love it! I haven't been able to wear it as much as I wanted to because it was winter and cold and then such a bright color might look a bit odd ( at least on me ) :) But I am really happy I bought it because I know it is such an easy makeup tool, you don't need to put on anything else and it will look as if you put a lot of effort into your look! ;)

This is a mac lipstick in Hue, it is one of my favorite nudes but sometimes this lipstick can be a bit hard to work with. I have pretty dark colored lips and sometimes my own color peeks through which is a bit odd looking. I don't know what the secret is but when I'm lucky it can look very nice with a smoky eye :) Ive read other reviews of girls saying it is their go to nude lipstick.. Maybe check it out if you are looking for one :) 

This is another very pretty nude lipstick from Lorac. It is called baby doll I believe and it is a nude but with a peach undertone. I am not really for the consistency of the lipstick because it can make your lips look chapped but it is suuuuch a gorgeous color!! 

Talking about peach colored lipsticks, this is nr. 13 peach passion I think of YSL. It is a true peach lipstick and it is great! :) You can tone it down with a lip gloss or pat it with your fingers. The consistency is great and very creamy but it does come of after a couple of hours.
A bit pricey also...

SMILE! :) 

That's the name of the lipstick I am wearing here (I know I know I am already holding the next lipstick for trial, but I just put on another one) This is from the brand FACE and it is a gorgeous color! Staying power is normal, consistency is good, no smell. 
One of my favs! :) 

If you want to see the lipsticks in action, there is a video waiting for you when you click the first thumbnail! :) 

talk soon! 


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