Thursday, April 18, 2013

Outfit of the day ♡ (OOTD) ♡

Hi there! :) 

The other day I went to see the new Icons collection at h&m and was seriously searching for that beige little bag that also comes in black I think but I couldn't find it anywhere... I'm starting to think they used it as bait just to attract customers like me that end up buying other stuff in the end. 
I bought these leggings/panties with random letters on it when I was in store. I really like them (watch out they run big) but today when I wore them, they already broke :s no great quality there I'm afraid :(


I just paired them with two h&m tank tops and a Zara over sized T-shirt. 
The necklace is from Friis Company and my shoes are from Steve Madden :) 
It turns out that every time I'm not really sure what to wear, I end up wearing mostly black stuff... Is that a bad habit of mine? :/

Hope you are all having a great day! :) 

Talk soon 

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