Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunny Saturday! :)

Hi! :) 
Aahhhh what a wonderful day! :) 
It is Saturday and the sun is shining like crazy! :) Still a little bit cold so I'm wearing my jacket to be sure I won't get ill again! 
Today, I went to walk around the park and visit an expo. 
Now I'm off to a family dinner in the sun! 
Life can be good :) I can't wait for summer to begin and go to a beach to relax!

Talk soon cause Im already too late for the dinner, but I did want to post something for you! 


Coat Forever 21
Sweater Cos
Bag Diesel


  1. Hi, love your coat. Looks so cute on you :-) hope u have a good week!

  2. Hey Jamie!
    Nice to hear from you again!
    I like the coat too, I bought it a month ago and this Saturday I wore it for the first time :)
    How are you doing?

    XX hugs XX

    1. Well it looks great on you! I'm doing well, so happy to have a nice long weekend coming up, I took Friday and Monday off of work so I hope it doesn't go by too fast! How are you? Tlk again soon , sending u hugs from way over seas :-D

  3. wow wow wow. you're very pretty :))


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