Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two of my favorite nail looks :)

I really like "nudish" nailpolishes for an every day look. However, I feel like the second photo is a nice pick because even though nude nails can look a bit boring after a while, mixing and matching can change it up a little bit!

Because I am not so crazy about doing my nails (it takes FOREVER) - not to mention they never really dry completely, I found a new way to spice up your color without having to redo every single nail of your fingers :D (hurray for lazy people like me! :)
So, whenever you are bored of the color you are wearing, just swipe away a couple of nails with nail polish remover and go over them with different colors. You can do this on different days and end up like the last picture. This is what I did. At first I had them all like the ring finger. Then I got tired of that color and changed it up. I am pretty sure one of the colors is even a swatch from a store, so I dont actually own one of the colors! :) 
Easy and quickly changed, plus you can check your swatched color out for a couple of days without feeling awkward about that one nail you painted! 

Until next time ;)

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