Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hairdressers rant: From hair fiasco to loving the hair again!

Ok so, 
Where to begin?
I wanted to write this blogpost since a couple of weeks now, because I feel like I must not be the only one with this issue: 
I don't understand most of them... 

So, for those of you who are new on my blog I'll give a quick recap: 
I am a natural ashy blond, got sick of my bleh color and decided a couple of years ago I wanted to dye it, so I did and I went to a salon to get my hair dyed. 
I asked for a Mary kate Olsen colour which is something like this:
 (the one on the middle) 
Let's say a Venetian blond. I got weird purple/brown. Yuk. That was the start of my mess, because it had purple/red pigments in it, up til a year or so ago I always had to deal with this weird red shine in my hair - this has been confirmed by professionals: red is the hardest to get rid off. 
So scroll forward in time: After a couple tries, I discovered this awesome girl at Tony & Guy who did both my friend and me, and we looked - well the hair :D - reaaaally awesome, exactly what we wanted. The celeb style blond a la Jeniffer Aniston/ Jeniffer Lopez / Sarah Jessica Parker. 
Love it.
Then I moved, so I was obliged to go to a different hairdresser, so I went with Aveda in New York. Good lord... That was some story: I had to pay +200 dollars (the plus stands for the extra 20 ish percent tip, if not more) for a hair color that was just completely messed up.
I asked for this:

(I cant find the exact picture, but it basically came down to this:)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My favorite eyeshadow palette: SMASHBOX Fade Out purples

This is my absolute favorite eye shadow palette since a couple of months now. 
It is called "Fade Out" and it is a product made by SMASHBOX.

See how beaten up this product looks like? haha, proof that I use it all the time. You can choose not to believe me, but I really spent about ten minutes trying to clean the surface and it just wouldn't come off, so sorry about that you guys.. But makeup reviews are only good when they are real, right?

I bought this a while back when I went to Paris and went to visit Sephora on Champs Elysees. 
I think I might have made a blogpost about that trip or mentioned it in one of my videos over on my YouTube channel ( 
I am not super wild about purple colors, but I was drawn by this palette for several reasons: