Saturday, December 28, 2013

hair color update

A month or two after my last color session, I decided I wanted something new. 
I've always colored it in the 7 - 8 range with a 20 developer. 
About a year or so ago, I used this L'oreal Preference Ombre kit in number 3, which is the girl on the right of you (the one with the long hair and the lightest blond). This is the color I initially used, because I have natural blondish hair and my ends have always been lighter than my roots. So no need for me to go for the kit for darkest hair to begin with. 

However, before I will continue, I will quickly say that, last time I used this kit, I was SUPER happy about it: no brassy hair color, really pretty ombre effect going from a dark blond/brown to a warm toned mid blond and then lighter blond ends. I cannot exactly remember what technique I used to apply the color, but I wanted to avoid the two colored chopped hair, so I used a technique to gradually get the hair lighter, which, at the time, really worked out for me. 

Now comes the however part :) 

However, this time.. I have to say, I wasn't so happy. In fact, I regretted my decision as soon as I came out of the shower. 
First of all, I read online as well, that the texture is super runny, which makes it incredibly hard to apply if you do not want that clear separation between the blond and your natural/darker hair color. 
I tried applying it straight from the bottle (which is good for your ends, but not so much if you want to create some higher up highlights), I used my plastic board to place underneath the strand I wanted to color - not a great idea either, because the liquid basically runs everywhere except on the part of the strand you want to color. I used my little brush I use normally, and that somewhat worked out, but I guess the damage was already done.
So, I basically had very yellow ends (way more yellow, and not necessarily lighter than before) and super orange highlights throughout the middle which came out super patchy because of the runny liquid of the kit. 
A friend of mine even compared it to a cheetah or other kind of animal print... Just saying: you do NOT want to have that look :D 
So it looked horrible. 

Today, I decided it was time to clean up that mess, and for a brief second, I actually wanted to go to the hairdresser so she/he would be able to save my hair (it wasn';t that bad, but it were just way too many not matching colors going on with that cheetah print. ugrh gross) 
Instead of spending another 100 to 250 dollars - which is the price here if you want to go to a good hair salon like Aveda or Tony and Guy), I decided I had enough colors at home to make the hair work again. So that's what I did, and I kind of solved the problem :) 

I used a neutral 7 with a developer 20 to cover the roots and combed the root color downwards to break that cheetah patchiness. Then, when I had finished that, I started applying small highlights, by sectioning off my hair in diagonal forms and subdividing enough so I would have very tiny - but wide - pieces of hair. (imagine working horizontally and taking a lot of hair instead of just plucking a chunky strand and working vertically) I hope that made some sense to you. 
Then, I started applying the 12/1 of Koleston Wella (special blonde) to make sure I toned out that brassy color of my mid hair. I applied it with a developer 30, but I bought mine from a 'white' or unknown brand, not from wella (this is because it is basically the same, just a lot less money. A developer stays a developer) 

I left everything on for about another 20 minutes and started rinsing it off. 
If you want to make sure not to have any brassy or yellow toned hair color, just apply a P01 Luocolor from L'oreal with a developer 10 for about 7 to 10 min. I used this while I was showering, because the warm water will make the developing process go a bit quicker. I only left it on for 5 minutes and voila, no more yellow! I advise you to not go over that time, or you will end up with a very different color you initially aimed for ;) 

I will put up a picture of my new hair tomorrow/day after because now it is already dark so you would not be able to see the right color.

Lots of love 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 
I have not explained why I use these products and what they are for, so if you read this and you want to start out as a beginner, I advise you to do some more research, or watch my hair dying at home video :) 

 or feel free to ask me questions :) 

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