Thursday, January 2, 2014

A fresh start

Happy New Year! :) 
I hope everyone has had a great time celebrating going from the old in to the new year and I hope you all have food babies just like me haha
I chose this picture to go with my title "A fresh start" because I feel like a new year, as cheesy as it sounds, is a perfect way to start all over. At least, if you feel like some parts of 2013 could have been different:

that one too many jeans you bought, or that lipstick you already have but forgotten about, or to finally get your courage together and ask out that boy or girl, or go out more, go out less, have more fun, focus more on work, do more sports, eat healthier, go live your dream, and I could continue to name things that also run through my head when I think about 2014. Let's change some things: let's go run after those dreams with a clean canvas. 
I have to admit that, in this case, I might not completely practice what I preach.. I have had a rather rough start with some unforeseen difficulties making the new year a bit less exciting as I hoped it would. 
But I do want to change certain things, and that is, if you are unhappy about something, try changing it. 

I also want to map out a schedule making sure I will post more regularly over on my blog, do more videos, pin more stuff on pinterest (just kiddin, I am already going at that like a maniac haha), but you get the idea. 
I really have so many thoughts I want to work out and post and share with you, and I just sometimes can't find the time for it.. This needs to change. So tomorrow, I will run into the city and get an agenda. A real old school one, one that I can carry everywhere I go. Not one on my phone. I tend to skip whenever I see stuff written on there, in between text messages, emails, and pinterest (here we go again)

I think I talked enough for now. 
I am keeping my promise to show you an updated hair picture, but I still need to fix some highlights which I did not want to touch last time, a question of not wanting to burry my hair with 2013 haha I still want to have it for the new year! :) 

Til very soon :) 


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