Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Friday Haul (and a little rant)

Hi there! 
I went shopping.. and I went big hahaha. 
At least, for my wallet I went big :) 
So first I started buying these awesome wooden heeled boots at Zara which are very similar to the Jeffrey Campbell ones but slightly more payable. 
I will have to pick them up from the store today so I will make a blogpost about that later in an outfit look or something. I am already COMPLETELY obsessed with those boots (yes, I have eyed them several times online ever since I bought them) so I will definitely want to share them with you guys :) 

Next, I bought some furniture or deco stuff at Zara Home. It is my absolute favorite deco store to shop: stuff is super original, not tooo expensive, and good quality. 

I bought a new lamp cap because mine was just random in plastic from Ikea (barf). This one is black and white striped and looks like this: 

I really love this colonial style. Especially cause at my place, everything is basically white and grey :) 
And now red and green and gold as well for Christmas obviously :) 

I also bought a couple of other things, but it seems more easy and fun to take pictures of what I bought, so I will do a little separate blogpost on that soon!
I then bought an amazing dress from Jones and Jones, which I am sure I will feature on my blog or in one of my videos, I am absolutely IN LOVE with their dresses, they look so elegant, yet girly and just so flattering! Can't wait for that to arrive! 

Alrighty, if you want to see more of what I bought, just click the video or hold on to new posts that will appear as soon as I get the stuff in my mailbox!

Btw, little rant: normally I am super impressed with ASOS and their customer service. This time, not so much. I don't know if any of you tried to have that 20 % off they promoted on their website a couple of days ago ON ALL OF THEIR STUFF. Well... It was basically just not true. SOOOO many people (go look on their facebook account) were not able to profit from that code! Me included. I sent about 10 emails concerning this, and I always got a computer response, so completely ignoring what the actual issue was. At the end of the day (like 3 days later) I finally get an email from a person telling me: Ooh the action is over, so I am terribly sorry. Seeing you already made the purchase, it will be impossible for us the give you the 20 %.... So it was the choice: or you buy nothing, or you buy full price. 
Maybe the code only worked on certain things... or only for the first people that bought something online. I have no clue. 
I think it was a nice gesture, however, if you can't live up to your promise, then just don't promote it all over your site... Right?

Ok, for any of you who already read this post: I just got an email that is completely different from the previous emails. They will see what they can do for the 20% off.
That is great news. I guess they are living up to the expectations I had of Asos.. Could it be my number one online shopping website? I will keep you updated on this matter...  

Thanks for reading til the end :) 
Talk soon :) 


  1. beautiful shoes :)


  2. Amazing shoes!
    Would you like to follow each other?


  3. Nice fourniture! I am also into black / white :)



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