Sunday, December 15, 2013

OOTD December 2013

I bought these pants in River Island, and I fell in love with how the sequin is not too much out there. Every girl loves shiny things, and that's why I just needed to have these pants in my life haha :)
I paired them with Zara boots, which you can barely see on this picture.. A white tee from Topshop, my cardigan with leather sleeves from Maje and my new necklace from Zara. 
Today was Christmas shopping day, so we went out to the city for some good old fashioned Christmas gifts. However, once we arrived in the city, I think the whole country had the same idea.. There were queues EVERYWHERE. Nevertheless, we took it upon us to just go with the flow and buy the gifts we had in mind. 
I also purchased new tea and coffee, because if there is anything I can get equally excited about as make up, it has to be tea :D or fake coffee (coffee with LOADS of milk and foam Njum!) 
I bought rose tea, which I am obsessed with atm. Rose infusion tea, rose earl grey tea, you name it, I have it or have to buy it :) 
Speaking of tea, today is Sunday, and I am about to put the kettle on for a cup of tea with a biscuit and watch The Heat. I started watching it a couple of days ago but never got around to watch it to the end, but I laughed out loud on my own several times, which means it is a good movie! 
Lots of love x
Next post will be a collective haul of what I bought in Rotterdam!


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