Sunday, September 29, 2013

Malaysian clothing haul

Here I am again, 
this time with the fashion stuff I got from Malaysia!!! :) Yay!
So I got this dress from the new collection at H&M, and I love it! :) It is in wool and it is just so cosy and warm! 
If you are not annoyed to watch a video, then watch the one I did on my Malaysian clothes, I'll link it down below :)
More pictures if you click the read more button :)

This is my absolute favorite dress I bought, a black woolen (it is getting cold you guys!) dress, super fitted, just so incredibly pretty!

This is my little sweater I got from Alexander McQueen. Haha :) Or not. It is marked like this on the sweater but it is just too funny cause the buttons are from chanel :) Hmmm only in Asia will you find these little gems :) 

Talk to you very soon! :) 


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