Friday, September 20, 2013

Malaysiaaaa update!

Ok ok, I know.
I have to start by saying im so sorry about the lack of blogging lately. BUT I do have a valid excuse!!! I went on a long trip to Malaysia and just came back the other day. 
I've been working on a Malaysian beauty haul over on my youtube channel which will go up later today, it is being formatted to upload, and I wanted to let you guys know Im still alive and well and returned from my holiday.

I had such a great time in Malaysia, it was so hot at times, and rainy too sometimes which was more annoying than anything else, because it was just raining when we were at the beach, so there was not much we could do.

We went to Kuala Lumpur for some city tripping, and then went to Penang, and finished of the journey at Langkawi for a beach resort kind of ending. However, it rained almost the whole time we were there... so we tried walking on the beach when it is raining cats and dogs (not a good idea) and we went to see the waterfalls. I was so stupid not t o cover up and wear boots, so I really got scared about the jungle/rain forest we had to walk through to get to see the top with the waterfall plus it was raining like crazy again.. So, my biggest fear was that some snake landed on me or a huge scorpion would bite my feet (i was wearing flip flops). Luckily enough I did not get any kind of visit of these animals, but my boyfriend did get a .. bloodsucker? im not sure if this is the correct term for the insect. In any case, he was brave enough to tear the thing from his leg (it was a sucky little stubborn little one) and finally it cringed up to get some blood desperately, but we were already running from that wormy like bug. 
As I am writing this down, im thinking of doing a long overview of places we saw, fun stores we went to, and hotels we stayed at. 
Im also reviewing a lot of the beauty stuff i bought over on this blog website in the upcoming days/weeks, so if you're into that, make sure to check my site every now and then to get some updates :) 
Right now, Im back to reality and it is so cold and rainy here! luckily the sun decided to shine a little bit. 
Today, Im working from home and I have my lovely cat keeping me company. Im going to set another cup of coffee and make some creamy milk foam to drink my home made cafe latte. Njum! 

Talk soon :) 


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