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Lip Candy Sticks

Hi :)
Today's post will be on lip chubby sticks, popstick, color boost stick or however you wanna call them! 
I really liked when this trend came on the market, because it makes applying makeup super easy, plus you feel like a little girl rubbing the mega stick all over your lips. 
Even though the product really appeals to me, I have been rather disappointed about the product that is inside the stick.. 
I will give you a review of the following sticks, so you can see which colour you like the best! 

Topshop lipstick - Powder Room 
Topshop lipstick - Coy
Etude House Vivid POPstick - ?
Bourjois Color Boost - Peach on the Beach
Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm - Craving Coral 

Topshop lipstick - Powder Room

 Without flash
 With flash

This first lipstick is ok quality wise (it is not the best as you can see, it runs into fine lines and accentuates chapped lips) but when you scrub your lips well before you apply this matte but fluorescent pink colour, you will have a nice layer of lipstick. I love the fact that they came out with matte sticks, since the Clinique ones and dupes are usually very glossy. I really like the colour as well, even though it can be sometimes a little hard to work with. I usually wear this more in summer and spring cause the colour can be a little bit too much when you have a pale skin in the winter :) 
The colour is very similar to Coy, the next Topshop lipstick I will review, so if you feel like buying these, one will do! (and I would recommend Coy)
The pencils don't really smell like anything but the typical pencil smell and they glide on nicely. 
If you are looking for a stick, but you don't know which brand to pick, I would probably go for these ones, or the one from Etude House. 

Topshop lipstick - Coy

 Without flash
 With flash

This second Topshop lipstick in a jumbo stick form is called Coy and is a more peachy colour. I have worn this one the most so far and I really like to layer it with other peachy lipsticks or lip glosses. 
I really like the colour pay off and it covers nicely the pigment of your lips. 
As you might have picked up from my videos or previous reviews, my lips are very much pigmented, so I need to be careful when picking out lipsticks. (you will see exactly what I mean in a second) 
If you do not have this problem, you can pretty much buy any of the sticks I am featuring. However, if you feel like you need a good lipstick that covers it all, go for this one, you will not be disappointed!

Etude House Vivid POPstick 

 the one with the number 1 is the first lipstick I featured (topshop Powder Room), the second one is called Coy and the third one (underneath) is this one, the Popstick by Etude House)

This lipstick is also a matte formula, and I have to tell you guys, this is probably the best quality so far. PLUS: it is the least expensive I think!!!
Etude House is a Korean makeup brand they also sell in Malaysia (in several malls). I bought a peachy colour (surprise surprise) and I absolutely love it. However, if you want a lighter baby pink/peachy colour, go for the Topshop ones, they are remarkably lighter (even more in reality). 
The Etude House as you can see is a lot brighter, and darker at the same time. It is a real pop of colour that can make a simple mascara, blush, and bronzed up face a real finished look!
I would also wear this more in summer and spring cause it can look a bit strong on very pale skin. 
The great thing about this stick is that it is a twist up, whereas the topshop sticks are actual pencils you have to sharpen. 
The stick does not smell at all.
Love this so much! They come in several colours as well (I remember putting on a bright fuchsia colour ) 

Bourjois Color Boost - Peach on the Beach

 from left to right up to bottom: Topshop Powder Room (dusty baby pinkish) Matte, Topshop Coy (peach) Matte, Popstick vivid Etude House (peachy coral) Matte, Bourjois Color Boost Peach on the Beach (coral) Glossy

As you can see, this is the problem I have: my original pigments shine through which makes the whole look messy and not so flattering. This lipstick, I can only use with a concealer base (the one I just bought from Canmake which I featured in my latest video: Malaysia beauty haul, go check it out if you feel like watching a lot of makeup :D)
This colour is very similar actually to the Vivid etude house stick, but is glossy. In the picture it looks like it has orange tones, however in real life, it is more of a bright darker coral colour. I also used this lipstick in my back to school video I think (sorry if I am wrong) and I really like it, but only when I put a concealer as a base. The texture is very glossy so it won't dry out your lips. It is also drugstore so it is not super expensive. If you like a glossy finish (that can sometimes be a little bit droopy :s) go for this one as it is much more easy to find in stores than the Pixi one. Be aware that the product "sweats" so you can end up with gliding product on the sides of the pencil :s You also have to re apply the product because it does not hold very long..

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm Craving Coral 

The Pixi one is the last colour on my arm :)

This last colour is such a fun product, because it feels like the most thought-through one out of the bunch, I like the packaging a lot and the product smells like mints! Njum :) It also boosts your lips since it has that peppermint thing going on. It is again a peachy pink colour, and I would say this is more pink as the Bourjois one, and a bit lighter than the Pop Vivid one. To be honest, this is the most "pink" one out of the 5. The texture is very glossy and even though it says it is tinted, I feel like it gives as much - or not more - coverage than the Bourjois one. 
If you are looking for a glossy one, but not sure which one to buy, I would go for the Pixi one. It is also a twist up and you can find them at Boots.  Even though the glossy texture wears off after a while, I feel like this stick really leaves a tint to your lips that does not wear off. 

I hope this review was helpful for some of you! 
If you have bought a chubby stick, let me know which one! 

Thanks for reading :) 
Til next time

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