Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do you recognize this pretty lady?

I just saw this - Ok ok maybe im super uber duper late with this news, 
but I didn't actually recognize her!!!
It's Kim Kardashian! 
Rumors say it is because of Kanye she switched colours. 
But I have no clue whether that's fo real.

In any case, this is the exact hair colour I have tried to explain to many maaany many hairdressers because I love this colour so much, and it really does suit almost everyone. However, hairdressers - or at least the ones I came across cannot seem to figure out this colour. 
 I think she is stunningly beautiful with brown or blond hair, but her typical look does change now and the makeup looks more like any other pretty lady and not so much THE kardashian look.

I know you are reading this, so please help me out :D How would you describe this colour so that next time I visit the hair salon, they might actually do the job right? :) 
Thanks so much for reading and visiting my website, 

I am planning to do a 5 or 7 day lookbook for fall only on my blog - not my youtube channel. 
I hope you like the idea! :) 



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