Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some of my favorite hair products....

Tresemme, Neutrogena, Label.m, ... You name it, I review it :) 
One of my favorite things to try and find is amazing hair products. And this isn't an easy task.. Sometimes someone can rave about a certain product, that it is amazing, that it does everything it says it does, that it makes your hair look shiny and super healthy.. and when I try it out.. it doesn't work at all for me. I'm not sure whether that's just the fault of my own hair :D or whether the product is just not that good.. Having said that, I hope to be critical and really tell you honestly what those products do and whether they are worth their price tag. 
Let's start :) 

This is the Tresemme 24 h body root boosting spray, I use this as soon as I come out of the shower and apply it to my roots and then massage it in with my fingers. It smells nice and doesnt feel greasy at all. It is a product that really does exactly what it says: it makes your hair roots extremely voluminous! The more you add, the more volume you will get. It is also a product that has its effects two days after usage. I wouldn't recommend this on dry hair though.. I also dont apply this on my lengths, im not sure what that would do to your hair .. maybe I should try this next time I wash my hair :) 

You could also use the Triple Renewal body boosting foam from Neutrogena, this is a foamy mousse that you also apply to your wet/damp roots to get some volume. I have to be honest here, although the smell is also great, and it does give you volume, you will get this frizzy feel to your hair.. I once heard that hair mousse is really bad for your hair and that you could compare it to hairspray - only... you spray it in your roots and then use heat tools... which is just awful for your hair. Anyway, my mum once needed mousse so we bought this. I have used it a couple times but I am not at all a fan of how it leaves your hair very dry and greasy at the same time. I do not recommend this product. 

This product, the 24 hour body sky high plumping powder does the exact same job as the previously mentioned products, but for dry hair. It is a powder you should put on your roots as soon as you washed and styled your hair. It does the job for some hours, but then leaves a greasy texture... It feels like a sugary powder, or hair spray but just in powder form. I would say this helps if you're already out and about and just want to touch up your hair roots, but I wouldnt recommend this for what it says: a 24 h plumping powder... 

On to heat protectors :) 
This is another Tresemme product called Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray. Waw, what a name! It is supposed to make your hair smoother and easier to style while protecting it from heat. It also says it leaves your hair shiny. I dont  believe this product does what it says. It made my hair greasy looking only after one day, and I only wash my hair every 4 to 5 days. It also wore my hair down a bit and just left it with a weird texture. I only used it a couple of times since I bought it, because I prefer using this next product: 

This is a John Frieda product from the Frizz-Ease line and is also a protective styling spray. This leaves your hair normal, no greasy texture, no weird smell, just a good heat protection. I believe this also helps a little bit to style your hair, especially if you want it straight. It smells nice and isn't too pricy. I do prefer the heat protection spray from Tresemme, but that bottle is already emptied :) So if you would want me to recommend one, I would say go for the Tresemme one, it is a black bottle with red letters. 
Another product I've tested is the same product but also straightening and supposed to work for 3 days... 
I dont believe this at all. I tried it and it does work for the day, but it doesnt necessarily work for 3 days. You will wake up with some weird looking frizzy curls like you have every morning :) at least I have them every now and then. I have woken up with perfectly styled hair, but Im not sure whether it was thanks to this product, or just because I wasnt really hot in my sleep, or because of a combination or hair products.. If you are hesitating between this one and the previous, I'd definitely go with the previous one. I dont know why but I feel like the 3 day straight just makes your hair a lot more greasy and again, wears it down :s 

This is a shine mist you can add at the end of your styling process. You can buy this product at Tony & Guy (this is where I bought it). At a certain time, I was spraying this before I straightened my hair with GHD's and Im not sure this is the best option for your hair, but it did the job and left my hair looking shiny. It also smells nice. A bit like you walked out of a hair salon ;) I dont use it that often anymore as before, but this is also because the bottle is nearly empty. It is a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned products and I dont think I would repurchase this again. I would say this is a good product, but if you want an all in one (heat protection, styling and shine), I would recommend the Tresemme one or the John Frieda one I described above)
Another product from the Frizz-Ease collection. Not a big fan. I bought this because I absolutely LOVED their weather works product but they discontinued it! What a shame. It was called Weather proofing hair sealant, the BEST product I've ever came across and sooo cheap? anyways, they decided to discontinue the product which i dont understand at all, because it was the perfect product to get your hair as straight or curly as you want just as if you would come out of a hair salon, and nevermind rainy days or snow on your hair, it worked like magic: your hair looked exactly like how you styled it an hour, a day, jeez, even 3 days ago. I will stop expressing my love for a discontinued product as this will more frustrate a reader as it will help, but my point was that in order to get the same product I bought this one, which isnt comparable in the slightest. I know, I sound rather disappointed, but I just want to give an honest review instead of saying how great everything is. This product is average. I use it every now and then but to be honest, I dont really see the difference. 
You can use this cream on dry or wet/damp hair. I use it like the weather works, on almost dry hair. 
On to.. oily serums! I tested this out and I wasnt a fan either :/ Im sorry I cant be more enthusiastic, but it is just not that great. It leaves your hair a bit as if there were gum left overs in it :/ i know gross... Maybe it is just my hair that doesnt react well to this product... as you can see in the bottle.. i practically didnt use it. And i did give it a shot. I actually bought this because i absolutely love the Goldwell coloring tubes, however, this anti frizz serum... not so great. 
Now THIS is an amazing product! I already heard a couple of times the Moroccan Oil from Tanya Burr like a year ago but wasnt really sold into buying the product. When I ran out of my other oil (I cant remember which one) I finally got it when I saw it again at my friend's house in Scandinavia, and I have to say: it is a great great purchase! I opted for the bigger bottle and used it for a bit more than half a year, and you can see the bottle is still completely full! I remember Tanya Burr saying something about the smell, but I actually dont mind it. It really works well and doesnt leave my hair greasy looking. It also looks great after curling your hair to give it that extra shine. I'd definitely recommend this product. You can also put it on your wet hair and use it as a protection against heat, as the heat makes your cuticles go open and absorb the oil better. You could also mix a little bit in your hair mask and leave it for a couple of minutes on your hair, but Im warning you, don't go crazy on the amount of oil! (I know by experience! iiiyyyk) 

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