Thursday, January 24, 2013

My first Deauty Box!

Today, I received my very first Deauty Box

I already checked out blog posts on the Glam Bag, the Beauty Box, GlossyBox, BirchBox, JolieBox, ... A lot of boxes but never available where I live :( 
Until now :) 

The Deauty Box came with 2 hair products from L'Oreal, one face product from Dermalogica, a perfume from Narciso Rodriguez, and soap from L'Occitane

Since I occassionally dye my hair, I got sent a mask especially for colored hair. It has a pretty strong scent (it reminds me of strawberries and hairdressers) but once you wash it out it  just leaves your hair smelling very nice and fresh. It also works really well seeing it makes your hair all soft and revitalized! Love it!

I haven't tried out this product but I do own the original Elnett spray. I find that it works well, but it smells soooo bad! I was actually looking to buy a pocket size hair spray to take with me when I am out and about because yesterday I curled my hair with a curling iron and after an hour in the cold wind... i was left with weird looking straight hair (the kind that does not completely look straight :s) not the best look to go for. 
It says it has a very strong hold... Let's see if it is as good as the original one!!
This is one of the products I am most excited about. I have been hesitating for about 100 times in the store where they sell this product, but I always got a bit overwhelmed by the price tag. I was sooo hoping to get this exact product that I am overly enthusiastic to try it out. When you open the container, the product just looks like powder, but on the description it says it reacts with water, and it  softly scrubs your face. I absolutely love scrubbing my face, I do this every morning in the shower with two different scrubs, one from Soap and Glory and one from Vichy. One of my friends uses the Dermalogica on a weekly basis and I can just tell everytime she used it! It has to be great. 

To stay in the shower-y area, this soap from L'Occitane with almonds smells amazing. I already tried it out on my hands and it leaves your hands really soft and nourished. Unlike other hydrating soaps, this does not leave a sticky coat on your skin. I bet this would be great in bath or on a shower sponge!

The last sample is a perfume from Narciso Rodriguez. It is a musky scent, however very strong. When I smelled it in the bottle I thought it was lovely, but once on, it smells a bit stronger. I think it is a great perfume for night outs because the scent really sticks very strongly to your skin. I am not sure if I would make this my daily perfume. However, everyone is different, so it could be you are loving the scent on a daily basis. To give you an idea of what I would normally wear I will name a couple of perfumes that are on the top shelf of my bathroom cabinet: 
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (the pink bottle), Crystal White perfume from Bulgari, and Not a Perfume from Juliette Has A Gune. 

Until next time XL

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  1. Small disclaimer: I am not being paid to do a review, I bought the box myself :)


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