Thursday, December 20, 2012

Testing: the Rimmel lipsticks

This time, I chose my two Rimmel lipsticks to review for you. 
One is from the Kate Matte collection in 113 and the other one is the Moisture Renew in 700 Nude Delight. 
I have a small obsession for nude lipsticks so whenever I read about a new trend, I do some research and I go out and buy them :) I was immediately appealed to the matte finish of the red packaged lipstick, however.. I have to say... I am disappointed. 

The texture is weird and patchy and always leaves my real lip color peak through which I absolutely hate. It also has a very strong sent, flowery, but still,... you dont want to be reminded of perfume the whole day you wear the makeup, especially not on your lips. 
There are other colors, and I heard great things about the 107, which is a dark red from the winter line.

And this is me wearing the color

<-- Before
After -->

The second lipstick is the 700 Nude Delight. This is a really nice creamy textured lipstick with a more orangey undertone. It makes your lips look a bit fuller and goes on smoothly. It goes great with a smokey eye and Mac Melba Blush. 

This is me wearing Nude Delight 

You can always make this lipstick matte by applying a little bit of powder on top! it works excellent (and kind of plumps your lips!) 
You could also pat with your finger a little bit to take off the shine, I do this always when I apply lipstick because I find it looks more natural and blends better with my face. 
Overall, I would recommend the Rimmer Nude Delight, but maaaaybe not the matte one ;)

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