Monday, January 21, 2013

Zara Haul!

I think every girl likes to go on a shopping spree and buy all the pretty things you see without worrying about the money you spend. 
I have been in such a mood when the sale period started! There was only one shop that I really wanted to go to and that was a reason for me to get up extremely early :) and that was Zara. 
I think their collection over the last months has been extremely pretty and flattering and so all the things I thought were still a little bit too expensive or not really necessary to become part of my closet now suddenly became affordable :) yay! 

The first piece is a necklace, which can seem a little bit over the top, but I have worn it a lot and it does work well with a black outfit, or something more girly to enhance the contrast! 

These are the rip off Isabel Marant booties (see the difference on this website) and I absolutely love them! They are a bit hard to walk in, but I don't mind... I bought these in sale on the first day for about 30 or 40% off and didnt see them at all the next days at Zara.
Yet another Zara piece :) I already saw this a couple of months ago and hesitated to buy this jacket. I wasnt sure i liked the studds and I already own a "military" jacket. When I saw this jacket on sale, it got me all excited and convinced and so... I bought it :) I haven't had the chance to wear it yet because it is soooo cold and snowy! I was hesitating between bying a clear green jacket or this one but I like the military print better!  It is a very flattering, fitted jacket so I won't be wearing a huge sweater under it.

These pants, I have to admit, look a bit weird in the picture, but it is because they are leggings and are supposed to be fitted and high waisted. I already bought the same one but with velvet polka dots and now got this one as well. I can't really describe the print, but there was a similar one with skulls. I have not really been a fan of the skull fashion.. But if you are, go out and buy them, they are still in the shops!
My favorite pants ever: leather leggings!!! They feel like leggings but they are pretty much normal pants. When I saw them on the hanger, I thought they would be like a weird pyjama pants, but actually they fit great! It is also a great option for cold days like these! 
and last but not least... 
My new snake pants! They have them in black, green, i think red - but im not sure, and this beige color and are absolutely gorgeous. I first wanted to buy the green one, but it fitted weirdly (was perfect on my legs but too tight at my belly  - I have this problem ALL the time) and then I tried on this one and it fitted perfectly! This is from the new collection though.. so don't expect it to be on sale :) 


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