Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mac Making Pretty Collection

Mac Making Pretty Collection 
I heard about this collection online via numerous makeup gurus. Unfortunately where I live in Europe, we have to wait until February for Mac to launch its makeup line Making Pretty. I have already decided I want to buy the lipstick in 3N. A bit of a weird name, but gorgeous packaging and a real nice nude colour. I heard that for some people, it washes you out a little bit and you are supposed to wear a lipliner with it to make it work. I have a number 7 lipliner designed by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge in Nude that I would use with that lipstick (twist up pen), or Mac lipliner in Subculture would also be a great alternative.  
The prices are slightly higher than the normal collection, but maybe the rose gold packaging justifies the higher cost? ;)
A lot of the Mac shops in America have already sold out, but for us, it is still waiting patiently for their collection to be launched in Mac stores... :) 
Happy holidays! 

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