Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hairdressers rant: From hair fiasco to loving the hair again!

Ok so, 
Where to begin?
I wanted to write this blogpost since a couple of weeks now, because I feel like I must not be the only one with this issue: 
I don't understand most of them... 

So, for those of you who are new on my blog I'll give a quick recap: 
I am a natural ashy blond, got sick of my bleh color and decided a couple of years ago I wanted to dye it, so I did and I went to a salon to get my hair dyed. 
I asked for a Mary kate Olsen colour which is something like this:
 (the one on the middle) 
Let's say a Venetian blond. I got weird purple/brown. Yuk. That was the start of my mess, because it had purple/red pigments in it, up til a year or so ago I always had to deal with this weird red shine in my hair - this has been confirmed by professionals: red is the hardest to get rid off. 
So scroll forward in time: After a couple tries, I discovered this awesome girl at Tony & Guy who did both my friend and me, and we looked - well the hair :D - reaaaally awesome, exactly what we wanted. The celeb style blond a la Jeniffer Aniston/ Jeniffer Lopez / Sarah Jessica Parker. 
Love it.
Then I moved, so I was obliged to go to a different hairdresser, so I went with Aveda in New York. Good lord... That was some story: I had to pay +200 dollars (the plus stands for the extra 20 ish percent tip, if not more) for a hair color that was just completely messed up.
I asked for this:

(I cant find the exact picture, but it basically came down to this:)

So again, a warm toned blond with some venetian blond in it and some highlights but very soft. 
She was very nice, but I felt like we didn't see the same color. 
I came from a mix of 6 and 7 (which means dark to medium blond) and she told me the only way we could achieve this look is by placing highlights. 
I remember she colored my hair even darker than it was before (even though I wanted to go lighter) and I told her I didn't want stripy highlights, I wanted a kind of ombre "avant la lettre". I explained her I like it when the highlights don't mark of from the roots, but they gradually blend in by getting lighter when reaching the ends of my hair. 
I guess that part wasn't really clear, because when I left the salon and asked my lovely roommate, she said: your hair looks like a cheap x@xx hair (no offence) and it looks greasy (you know when the highlights are just so damn obvi that it looks like your hair hasn't been washed for eva?) 
Well, I called her, because I am believe it or not, quite shy, so I got my courage together and asked to see her the next day. 
I pushed to get everything redone from start to finish, and after a quick chat, she was ok with that. She did say the only way to fix her mistake was to completely bleach my hair.. 
Oh lord. 
This part I hate the most: having to damage your hair because they did a shitty job. 
Anyway, long story short, it wasn't completely like I wanted it, but it was very very beautifully done. I loved it. She ended up doing a great job. 

So fast forward to now: after all these nightmare stories of hairdressers, I decided I'd color my hair myself, which really worked out well, until a couple of weeks ago, where I decided I am fed up with the ombre hair style and I wanted to go lighter all over my hair. 
I decided to go to a hair salon of Filippo Beretta and I asked for a woman from which I had seen a lot of very nice hair styles on facebook.
She was kind of nice and did an ok job, however... when I asked her about going lighter (I was around a light 7 to 8) and to get this look: 

Ok ok, I think I always like the same look - so should be easy right? 
But no. 
She said: "Impossible" without going into it, and again, you guessed it: the "only if we place some highlights will you get there eventually" preach. (a hairdresser from Aveda - not New York, once refused to color my hair unless we dye it dark grey and then I'd have to pay again to get highlights in the dark grey.. ammm... after 20 min of back and forth discussing why the hell I would pay money to go grey, I just decided to leave the salon - he called me and my friend some names too, he was super rude)
So I went for it, and she actually just put a 6-7 on my hair and toned down the ends. Ok, I was kind of happy, but the color was no where near this picture. 
Ok, so, let's go back after a couple of weeks, right? 
now THIS is where the hair fiasco begins:
She dyed my hair in a 4!!!!!! a 4!!!! When I asked to go lighter/...... Like, wait what? Then she put in some highlights WITH THE BLUE POWDER (I have that one at home and that is for very good healthy hair MAYBE, not for my damaged thin hair!!) So I flipped when I saw the white strands all eaten up by the bleach, asked her about that, and she reassured me. Ok.. She then started washing my hair like a crazy person (I got about 4 to 5 washes) because she panicked that the color was waaaay too dark,(the base color she put on right before placing the highlights) and she also took a break to vomit in the toilet, which was just one step away Iew. (she was not pregnant) She came back, I smelled the vomit air, and she continued to wash my hair. 
All in all a terrifying and horrible experience for over 130 euros. And for what? To have black roots, with green highlights - I was afraid of the redness and brassiness, so she cancelled out the golden tones too hard which made it go green. 
And she demanded me to pay. I had a discussion about it, but she wouldn't let go, I called the manager of Filippo Beretta, but didn't change anything. I had lost my money and got super damaged black hair with green strands for in return. 
Guys, never go to Filipo Beretta, please. 
So, then I decided to go to Tony and Guy again, what could possibly go wrong, right? 
He put in loads of highlights to get rid of that black hair, but I just need to wait. 
Because of the difference in color, I didn't like the stripey look and was a little bit sad again. He however, already did a way better job at it. 
The secret is, you just had to put a color over the highlighted hair (which he said he didn't want to do to not get super expensive), so everything blends in perfectly.
This is what I have done today at home and I absolutely LOVE my hair. 
I put a mix of 8.0 and 8.1 + 7G hazelnut with a 10 developer and left it for about 5 to 10 min. I made sure NOT to touch my roots, because experience has shown me that they might turn orange haha, I added water and started to massage the product into the highlights. For the remaining 2 minutes, I combed the product down, so my highlights would get a similar warm toned color. 
fixed the hair, couldn't be happier, but lost a lot of money. 

I hope I helped you guys out with this, and if you would have some questions, please leave them down below so I can go into detail. 

Thanks for reading you guys 

Lots of love, 


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