Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My favorite eyeshadow palette: SMASHBOX Fade Out purples

This is my absolute favorite eye shadow palette since a couple of months now. 
It is called "Fade Out" and it is a product made by SMASHBOX.

See how beaten up this product looks like? haha, proof that I use it all the time. You can choose not to believe me, but I really spent about ten minutes trying to clean the surface and it just wouldn't come off, so sorry about that you guys.. But makeup reviews are only good when they are real, right?

I bought this a while back when I went to Paris and went to visit Sephora on Champs Elysees. 
I think I might have made a blogpost about that trip or mentioned it in one of my videos over on my YouTube channel (http:www.youtube.com/awomansaffair). 
I am not super wild about purple colors, but I was drawn by this palette for several reasons: 

the packaging is super sleek and compact, easy to take on a trip or put in your purse
I love the combination of matte and shimmer eye shadows
On top of that, I am a sucker for dark eyeshadows with golden flakes (see the last color on the right side) 

I couldn't swatch the colors in store because the palette just came out, and I am not sure whether it was a limited edition or just an addition to their permanent collection, but I was just instantly sold and I can say with a 100 % confidence that it is the best eyeshadow palette I own. 
The color ranges from: 

A pale pink with a slight shimmer to it (left) 
a white silver with more shimmer 
A beautiful taupe matte 
A violet purple eyeshadow with light purple reflects
An aubergine/purple/brown color with shimmer
A deep purple matte 
My absolute favorite: a very dark purple/navy blue with light to medium purple reflects 
The swatches above do not do the eyeshadows justice. 
They become real butter once applied to the eyelids. No primer needed to make them work. 
Do I need to say more?
They came out with a similar palette but with browns and nudes. The only reason I didn't buy that one is because I already own so many nudes and browns. 
My fingers may look fugly, but this is the proof: one swipe in the eyeshadow and this is the result! 
This palette came with a beautiful little compact blending brush that is probably the best blending brush I own... Crazy huh? Normally brands have a tendency to give a crappy brush for free, and to be honest, I don't really understand why they would do that: people will probably be more interested to spend their money on a palette than a brush, so why not take advantage from that public to promote your awesome brushes? Well, that is what Smashbox did. 
And I love it. 

If you have any further questions, please leave me a comment below and I will answer you! :) 

Lots of love 

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