Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy 2014! Yay :) 
I hope everyone started it out great. 
I went shopping this weekend and was trying to find a Chanel gloss number 139 for EVER (seriously, I did I think about 15 stores and the product was just gone). 
Apparently, it has been deleted out of the makeup line and will no longer be made. 
Why, Chanel, why? I don't understand this. About 10 years ago I was obsessed with this blush called "tea rose" and "be pop" I think. And then, out of the blue, Chanel decided to stop producing it. Why? I have no clue. So many people got upset over that and now, the only perfect color range in their glossy lippies is again cancelled! Agr. So frustrating. 
If you know what color I am talking about and you have it at home, you are one lucky person, if not, just forget about my rant here or go get this (much cheaper, but not so cheap) gloss by Mac. 
It is called Rag To Riches and it is this reaaaaally pretty pinkish glittery gloss. 
Plus sides: 

 A beautiful color 
A substitute (kind of) for Chanel 139
It has glitters
Did I mention I had glitters? 
I love glitters
It is pink
It is "affordable" (considering a Dior or Chanel gloss) -you pay about 20 euros for it
Baby Sparks would also be a good alternative, but they didn't have that color in the Mac store

Down sides: it is rather sticky 
It wears off after an hour (but don't all glosses do?) 
It is rather expensive (I know it is also affordable, but it all depends on what your take is on that)
It is not the Chanel 139 :D

I think this is the first dazzle glass I bought from Mac to be honest.. I have some other lip glosses, but never a sparkly one like this. 
The only other sparkly one is from Bobbi Brown and is also a favorite of mine.. I would have to say that the Bobbi Brown one is less sticky, .. but then again more expensive and a less big color range. 
Just saying :) 

Lots of love and happiness!


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