Monday, June 17, 2013

My purple-ish makeup tutorial :) and a lot of blabla

Hey there!

First of all IM SOOOOO SORRY!!!!
Ok, so, this happened: 
I wanted to link my videos to my blog, and each time I tried, blogspot couldn't find my youtube videos, which meant I couldn't upload unless I re uploaded the whole thing from scratch which would take days. 
↓ Ok, enough of the exaggeration :D  ... ↓

Jamie, especially to you, you have been supporting me from the start, and I appreciate it sooo much!
So, because I received a SUPER sweet mail from her, I decided to quickly link my latest Youtube video and write this post. 
I have been moving out from my old place, and redecorated everything in the new place, so it took up so much of my time I kinda put my blog on hold. I know, bad bad bad. 
But don't worry, I'm gonna start a little decoration series to show you what I've been doing and explain you the techniques I used. 
I really "revamped" old furniture (one piece is actually about 50 years old, im not kidding!) 
Im so happy I moved into my new home, which also means a lot more structure! 
So a lot more blogposts :) 

Ok :) 
Besides that, ... it has been raining today :( I'm soo bummed out because I bought a lot of cute new little things and really pretty suuuuper affordable heels that I wanted to wear! 

I'm going shopping abroad next week so I'm going to do a haul and lookbook after that. 
Hope you are doing well, 

and thank you so much for the support!
Ps, if you want to be more updated of what is happening at the moment, please come give me a quick visit at my Twitter account under the name Awomansaffair :) I tweet every now and then to tell you what happens so you know when a new video/blogpost is coming :) 
Lots of love!


  1. Hi Hun, sorry this is late I have been swamped this week as well ~ but omg, first I must say I feel so super special that you mentioned me in your post!! :) *blushing*

    I am just so glad to see you back on here and see some great new content from you! I was just worried and wanted to make sure you were OK and still doing the blog/videos.

    Congrats on your new move - that is so awesome and I know moving really sucks and takes up so much time so don't worry about it! I am really happy for you and looking forward to your decorating tips :)Especially seeing the old vintage furniture you revamped (cause that is so cool and I love old furniture it always has so much character and charm!)cant wait to see it!!

    Anyways I will stop before this turns into a long letter and just wanted to say thank you, I am so glad to hear things are good with you and I am here supporting you and love to see what your up to. I currently don't use twitter but think I should probably start seeing as I am one of the very few people who DON'T use it! haha

    Talk again soon... going to watch your video now!
    lots of hugs <3

  2. You look gorgeous as always!! Just finished watching ~ Love your top in this video, so cute!! And I am in love with the Nivea Lip Butters also, my favorite is the Caramel on it is divine and smells sooooo good :) I have the Real Techniques brush too and I love the way it apples my foundation, I use that to apply then go over it all with a damp sponge to really set it and get off any extra foundation and that technique seems to work really good for me :)

    And I know what you mean, your skin looks so good (but I have the same prob with my chin, stupid bumps all over my chin and the never go away, ughhh so annoying!)

    Oh, and Sunday's are usually our rest day too and we just hang out around the house or play outside and get some laundry done and take it easy. I really wish weekends were 3 days long though cause 2 is not enough!

    Love the lip colors you used here, beautiful! And YAY, I am sooo looking forward to your Mila Kunis tutorial, I love her and think she is super gorgeous and her makeup is always to die for so I cant wait!! And of course we want to see all your videos cause you are adorable and beautiful and have great tips for us :)

    XX Hugs XX


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