Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Favorite Affordable Statement Necklaces

Hi everyone! 

Today I decided it was time to share with you some of my favorite (new, so you can run out the door and get them in the shops atm :) statement necklace pieces. 

They are all pretty big and chunky necklaces but that is what I really like. 
I used to be a super huge fan of long necklaces and did not want anything to close to my neck, but I completely reviewed my opinion on that. 
I even like chokers now! :) (so 90ies haha)

This first piece I bought yesterday at Zara, it is about 20-40 dollars/pounds and I absolutely love it!
I have always had a thing for pearls and chains, and to see them combined really combines the "edginess" of the chain with the cute doll-like pearls. 
I really love playing around with contrasts so I really like this. 
I wore it yesterday evening and I am wearing it today, and even though it does weigh more than your average necklace, it is very 'bearable'. 

This is a necklace I bought two weeks ago at New Look, I cant remember the exact price, but I do remember it was cheap. (I think around 10 dollars)
The material feels a little bit plastic but I feel like it doesn't show when you wear it. 
The only downside is the rings twist and so you have to fix your necklace every now and then. 

The next piece I bought is from Mango, and this is a little bit more on the expensive side. I remember hesitating whether I should buy it or not. 
I fell in love with the necklace so in the end I bought it, but I do think it is a little too expensive for a shop like Mango. 

Quality up until now is amazing, and it has a big lock, so you can easily close the necklace and it takes up some weight. It does not weigh that much though. 
This one I did purchase a month and a half ago or so, however, I did see this necklace still at Mango the other day :) 

And last, but definitely not least :) 

My Berschka necklace :) 
This one was about 30 dollars/15 pounds and I bought it 2 days ago. 
I absolutely LOVE this necklace. 
It does make some noise when you walk and I did get someone ask me whether I had already put on my Christmas decoration. ha ha. but i love it. :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Talk soon 


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  1. WOW - these are big and beautiful!! i have to say I love every one of them, I think the plain gold one is my favorite but I love the pearls too :)


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