Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anastasia Brow Haul

So I went shopping abroad where they do sell Anastasia and I knew I had to buy her stuff :)
I am always on the hunt for the perfect brow shadow or pencil or gel, and here, I decided to go for the Brow Wiz pencil. 
Click the read more to find out what else I bought :) 

I am disappointed with how little you get for the money you spend. 
I don't know whether it is normal or not, but when I opened mine, I could "scroll" down to the bottom and not see the pencil anymore, which means there is not that much product in the container. 
Is this because I got ripped off and they used it in the store? Or because all of the containers are only filled to a certain point (which sounds a bit weird to me).
In any case, I don't think I would repurchase this one again.. 

Another product I got was this highlighting pencil.
I really like this one a lot! 
It has a yellow undertone, exactly what I was looking for!
I tried the Benefit one, but really disliked the pink undertone. It clashed with any of my eye shadows and the texture was slightly cakey. 
This texture is amazing, like butter, but still super pigmented. I adore it. :) 

I have used a brow gel in the past, but I was never really convinced it actually helped. 
Until I saw someone on Youtube raving about this (and then I just could not resist) 
so I bought it and gave clear brow gels another chance, since my eyebrow hair always decided to turn on me during the day. 
So far, so good. It is very much overpriced though, and I would recommend, if you are looking for something similar, but do not want to spend the money, just take a little bit of hairspray on your finger and run in through your eyebrow. Same result. 30/35 dollars cheaper ;)

Here is a swatch on my hand of the brow wiz (in Blond ash seeing I have naturally blond hair) and the matte highlighting pen. 
I chose matte because I'm not a big fan of super glittery highlight on my brow bone. And if I do feel like having a shiny brow bone, I can just add some of my Dior amber diamond highlighter! No need to buy more :D 

That was it for this post!
If you're into videos, 
soon I will be posting my Mila Kunis 1 and 2 makeup tutorials :) 

Have fun!


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