Thursday, May 8, 2014

My little treasures of May 2014

Hi there :) 
I went shopping.. And this happened :) 
I actually need black working shoes (in which I can stand and run around the whole day), but after a couple of shopping sprees, I just can't seem to find the right pair.. So I got a bit bad and bought this lovely pair designed by Chiara Ferragni and Steve Madden. Chiara is an Italian blogger I have been following on and off for over 7 years. I looked from time to time at her Flickr account before she started her blog, and before blogging was a "thing".. I remember seeing her pictures online and thinking who is she? I don't understand :) But I liked her style and soon I got sucked into the blogging world and checked out her blogs on a regular basis. Back to the shoes: I have spotted them a while ago and I thought they looked different and had nice detailing, so when I saw them again, I tried them on and the leather is actually super soft and the heel is chunky which makes it easier to wear. I absolutely LOVE these heels for summer! 

This is a picture of my first catsuit I own :) Aah I am so excited, cause I have actually never really understood this fashion trend and when I tried out a suit, it looked weird and unflattering. This one is the first one that fits like jogging but looks very smart. 

I have always loved a touch of hippie boho chique style, and these shorts are the perfect touch of that. They are from H&M and feel very expensive (but they aren't :)

Last but not least: my little forever21 treasures :) I have been looking for bows for about 3 months and finally I saw them in store. I went a bit bow crazy and bought a black and pink big bow and smaller white and black bows.. The small ones aren't very easy to use because they don't have a good grip on the hair. 
The first two t shirts and this one are all from Forever21 as well and fit very nicely. I actually tried on a tee at COS and fell almost from my chair in the fitting room when I saw the price: 45 euros for a stupid tee without anything on it!! What?
Luckily I saw these ones that are a lot nicer and a crap of a lot cheaper!! 
Hope you liked my little treasures of May. 
Lots of Love 


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