Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review

The Full Exposure palette from Smashbox falls in the same range as the Urban Decay naked 1, 2 and 3 palettes: you have a lot of neutrals for a reasonable price. 
I was hesitating between getting the Naked 3 or the Full Exposure palette, and because I am suuuuper happy with the pigmentation and colours of my Fade Out Smashbox palette (I did a previous blogpost on it), I decided to go for the Smashbox one. 
To be honest, I love my Naked 1 palette, but I rarely use the Naked 2.. Just too much shimmer and the colours are too cold for me.

The amazing thing about this palette is that the colours are matched: one matte goes with the shimmer on top. I love this idea and for some reason, this palette inspires me to do a lot of versatile looks.
The left side of the palette are more warm toned browns and the middle shadows are very nice buttery beige / ivory sheen and matte colours. On the right side, you find rather cool toned taupish/beige/brown colours and a matte black and a black/navy/grey shimmer. 

The brush is double sided, one tapered fluffy brush for matte shades, and the other for shimmers, white for the light shimmers, dark for the dark shimmers. 
To be honest, this brush does not even come close to the other one I received in the Fade Out palette.. I am super disappointed in the quality of this brush and I don't use it for that reason..

My favo colours are the two lightest in the middle, the matte one to finish off the look and to put under the brow, and the two matte shades to the left (the warmer colours). They become very warm toned once blended on the skin. I like adding the sparkle shadows as a finishing touch. 

-matte and matching shimmers
-cool and warm tones
-decent quality 
-matte good pay off 
-shimmers to be applied with fingers
-not too pricey

-you have to work with the eye shadows in the beginning
-shimmers not as pigmented as in the pan (but once applied with finger ok) 
-brush is poor quality 
-chunky packaging

I have to say that I have read a lot of reviews on this palette, and a lot of reviewers either hate it or love it. Some say you have to "scrape" off the first layer so you can get the pay off you want. I find that by using the brush it comes with all the pigmentation just disappears and you are left with ugly specks of glitter everywhere on your face.. But by using your finger for the shimmer eye shadows, I find that you do get a nice pay off. I still prefer my Fade Out purples palette though.. :) 

See you guys soon ! :) 

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