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Travel tips: Malaysia shopping, hotels, restaurants

Look at that view....
That was my holiday in Malaysia, such a pretty country. I promised I'd do a blog post on my holiday - so with a little delay, here it is :-)

 We decided to try out different hotels, so we ended up choosing around 5 or 6 in total, going from Kuala Lumpur, to Penang, to Langkawi and back to Kuala Lumpur. In all, we stayed there for about two weeks. This is a picture taken in Langkawi where we stayed at this really pretty hotel with a Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a beach front view. If you opt for beach front rooms, you will get a nice little patio for yourself with chairs where you can hang out and look at the see :) 
They are also specialized in making it EXTRA romantic because when it is good weather, you can sit on the beach at a table looking at this view:

 The hotel is called Casa Del Mar, and is absolutely exquisite. They really make a huge effort to make the stay as comfortable as possible for the guests. You have amazing beds and a really cute bathroom that gives out to the bedroom, so you can chill while looking television from your bath. (you also have a shower with nice little soaps and scrubs). Robes, towels, beach bags, bicycles, everything you can think of is at your disposal. When you sun bath, even though they respect your privacy, they will make it a habit of coming around every hour or so to give you water, a little snack, or some fruit. If you prefer a smoothie or anything else, the bar is just steps away so you don't have to bother going back inside. The nice thing about this hotel is that it is uber hygienic, and very friendly staff, very much cared after, and that you don't feel like you are being scammed. A lot comes for free and you feel extra special :) The perfect beach holiday if you ask me.
 The next hotel we went to is Temple Tree at Bon Ton. You can either opt for Bon Ton which is way more expensive (but it is still in wooden huts) or Temple tree where you sleep in plantations, which are houses that are rather big. I really liked how this integrated the whole Malaysian tradition and the food is extraordinary (especially at Bon Ton), however, you do have to bear in mind that you are on the more "nature" side of Langkawi. By that I mean that you should be prepared to welcome frogs, snakes, a lot of cats and dogs and the occasional huge cockroach... Notttt so much my favorite because I don't like these kind of scary animals very much. But the ambiance is really nice. You can get movies to watch on your television at night, and don't forget to order a lemon iced tea. Im still hooked on those even if it is just mentally. That iced tea was phenomenal. Don't be scared to try out one of their typical dishes at Bon Ton (the name escapes me but it is a little bit of everything you well get on a nice plate).
The staff was a little less friendly than the staff at Casa Del Mar, because they weren't super interested in their clientele I would say. When we told the staff there were roaches and frogs in our room they didn't really seem bothered by it.. 
The breakfast is also very disappointing, even though you pay for it, you will just get some stuff (cake and toast and milk and yogurt - sometimes fruit) delivered the night before that you need to put in your fridge. That wasn't super cozy or good. 
I would recommend at least to go to have dinner at Bon Ton, and if you are an animal lover, you will definitely love this place. However, if you want a little bit more luxury and comfort - and no animals whatsoever, go to Casa Del Mar.
 How cute is this place, right? Here, we are at Penang.  We went to the outer part of the city to go have a walk next to the sea and have lunch and shop a little bit at their shopping mall. If you are in the center of Penang, you might get run over by a car or motorcycle haha :) You just have to get used to that. It is a really nice town with a lot of culture to take in. Go and eat at the Kaptain, it is a marvelous restaurant in the center of Penang with excellent food. At first, it scared us a little bit because you simply cannot compare it with a restaurant you would find in the center of New York or Paris, but once you embrace the difference in culture and restaurants, I can assure you it is so worth the try. Opt for the chicken Tikka Masala, it is suuuuper good! Njum! For the malls, don't go to the ones in the center, but take the bus and go to the richer neighbourhood and go to Gurney Paragon Shopping mall, where they have Aldo, Sephora, an where you can also discover the colonial architecture of Penang.

I got all excited because of our amazing holiday :) Can you tell?
I am wearing my Meet Matte Nude Palette from The BALM - Canmake blush (on cheeks and lips)

 How pretty is this restaurant? 
I just took a picture cause I feel like this would be inspiration for my marriage :) haha 
I love all the flowers and the white. It is such a cute little place.

I am wearing a Forever21 sweater - Zara top with leather collar - Purple lipstick INGLOT 

The last stop was Kuala Lumpur. We decided to check out the aquarium which was - to be honest - waaay to packed so you couldn't see much. I would suggest to go in the mornings, there were a lot less people and you can actually see the fish :) 
 Shopping malls, you have Stargate hill (too expensive) - Beryjaja Times Square (a little bit messy but good if you do not want to spend too much and want to go for a little bargain + if you want to have a look at the indoor amusement park!! cray cray!) - Farenheit 88 (MY FAVORITE but not super big, on the top floor you will find a super huge concept store with different brands, let the shopping begin! It has all cute stuff like my diary masks and a lot of cosmetics as well but be aware that it might be cheaper in SaSa's or Watsons, and if you are like me a sucker for those really cute asian style dresses, coats, tees and so forth, really do make the time to go see that level!) 
You also have Pavillion, which is the mall that leads to all the other malls basically :D that mall is pretty cool, don't forget to go to TYPO, a really super cute store with a lot of cute and fun accessories such as books, alarm clocks, bags, tea holders, phones, cases, laptop cases and so forth :) 
You also have a super cute Japanese shopping street inside the pavillion which is worth the visit and  you can eat really good food at BEN'S. (go for the chicken with the blue rice, soooo goooood!) 
We also visited the Batu Caves and saw a lot of monkeys :) It is worth the visit and will take you half the day. 

 If you want to see more about my journey, just click on this video: 

And if you want to see what I bought, click these videos :

Lots of love!

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