Thursday, November 7, 2013

MAC Devine Night Holiday Colour Collection 2013

Hi there! 
Today I am back, and I can proudly say: Oops, I did it again. :-)
I went shopping at Mac for another load of makeup I probably don't even need... But it is like candy to kids, so I simply cannot resist it. 
I saw Mac came out with the Devine Night Holiday collection, and I was eager to go and buy that really pretty pink nude lipstick. If you read parts of my life, or watch me on Youtube, you might already know that the most fun thing for me to buy are lipsticks.. so I just add them to my collection, cause I know I will wear them a lot. (Probably almost every day) 

The color is called Flair for Finery, and it has a lustre finish (which I am not found of). I think this is probably one of my favorite nude colors so far, which I heard a lot of other people say as well, so if you are scared of those nudish eraser lipsticks, then you can go ahead and try this one out in stores, cause this is exactly not what it does :)
It is a pinkish beige nude, with a hint of lilac or purple, but really just a tiny hint, not that much :-) haha
The consistency is creamy but because it is a lustre, you have to go over your lips several times for it to cover your own pigment. Plus, it has some glitter or that 'spark' you won't find in matte lipsticks. I wore it almost every day since I purchased it, which is obviously a very good thing! I am very happy with this lipstick and I would say: if you are looking for a good nude, go for that one! Although.. I can imagine if you have a more tanned skin than mine it might wash you out a little bit.. I am not sure..
But if you want it, go, run, now! cause i am SURE this one will sell out super soon...

I also got me talked into buying this brown slash purple reddish eye kohl pencil which I would normally never buy cause I am just not an eye pencil believer - I am pretty sure you can achieve the same exact result with eye shadows which usually cost less and you can multi-use them hhaha. I don't think this was even a sentence, but who cares huh? 
This is called RAVEN and I am such a sucker for the name. When I think of Raven, I think of this intriguing purple color.. How strange hah! I cannot figure out whether it is more brown, or purple/red. If I swatch it, it appears to be more brown even though on the eye, depending on what eyeshadow you match it with, it can really give that sultry reddish smoked out eye. However, one downside: if you don't use a primer, your eyeliner will move throughout the day :s That's a shame. 
Since I have light blue eyes, this color really works well for me. That together with the fluidline, which I always use as an eyeshadow anyway - what a waste otherwise! - is just amaaazing! Same goes for golden eye shadows. They really bring out your blue in your eyes and make them pop like crazy!

The last thing I bought from that collection was the DELICIOUSLY RICH fluidline. Abso-flicking-amaazing! I absolutely love this fluidline. It is nor brown nor black nor glittery nor pink red golden, just.. everything you wish your eyes look like after two hours of heavy work, but here, you just slap it on, blend the outside out and BOOM, done and done. Worth every penny :) Does not smudge, stays put all day and best of all: has NO fall out whatsoever! Hah! (even though it has soooo many glittery parts) 
Hope you like the close to reality swatches - no photoshop, no nothing.
Love you loads. 
Video coming up soon :) 

From left to right: lipstick lustre Flair for Finery - RAVEN eye kohl pencil - DELICIOUSLY RICH fluidline
Devine Night Holiday Colour Collection 2013 


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