Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars & Ravenswood ...

Have you seen the Halloween special of Pretty Little Liars? 
I have :) And I liked it, but I have to say, when comparing it to the Halloween special of last year... I preferred the one from last year over this one. Just because last year soooo many creepy and exciting things happened on that horror train :) So many answers but also so many questions were raised and at the end of the special episode, I remember everyone was left with sooo many questions. 
It was literally super difficult to have to wait for another couple of months for the season to be back and show us some pretty little secrets :) 
I have not been a fan of pretty little liars from the start, but throughout the second season, I was COMPLETELY sold. I loved the series and the intrigues and I would seriously count the days to be back at the beginning of the next week to see what happened on that show. It was literally THAT good.
And still is of course. 
After seeing the Halloween special, you will find out the answer to the most important question ever: Was Ally an illusion or is she in fact alive?

I will not spoil this one, because I hate when I read these kind of posts to then just figure it out before even having the pleasure to watch the episode. So I will leave that one up to you guys.
For anyone that would not be familiar with Pretty Little Liars, I did a blog post on that a while ago, and to keep a long story short, it tells the mystery of a girl gone missing or dead that was being stalked and terrified by someone or a group, called "A". The girl was called Allison and had kind of a big mouth, she wasn't afraid to speak her mind - sometimes even by crossing the limit and hurting people unnecessarily. She was a real mean girl but with a soft edge, making people feel special when she chose to hang out with them. (how weird as it sounds) The typical girl you want to hate but love at the same time. The story focuses on the mystery around the disappearance of this girl via four of her be sties, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria. Both super well casted and very pretty to look at. 
I love the way the series does not fall into the ordinary "horror" scenes where it is just made scary by adding paranormal stuff. The series really focuses on the atmosphere and the suspense of what will happen next, a creepy vibe, making it even more realistic and believable because it is not based on paranormal but on real life. (sorry to offend all of you who believe in ghosts and other scary paranormal stuff).

This is probably also the exact reason why... I was slightly disappointed in the new series, called " RAVENSWOOD", because this series does let the paranormal happen to create scary scenes and resolve questions in a maybe freaky but also obvious way which makes me not so much want to watch the second episode. In a way, it is too easy. I don't want to offend anyone, but I feel like everyone can have the imagination of adding scary girls with way too long hair and pointy fingernails, however, not everyone succeeds in making a series this interesting for so many people without having "to go there". (paranormal activities and such) 
When I saw the Ravenswood episode, my first reaction was OOOOOH I WANT TO SEE THIS! OOoooh Hanna is in the story line as well, Oooh Caleb is there, ooh it picks up where the Halloween series left of, and Oh my god, how clever is it to make two series that kind of tell a similar story line one based on the other, making us watch both! That is just super clever and very interesting. However... I understand they cannot make Hanna play in Ravenswood if they want to keep PLL the way it is. 
I also catched myself trying to figure out who would be the "hanna" or the "spencer" of Ravenswood.
But that is just human. 
I am a huuuuge David Lynch fan, who made some pretty awesome series such as Twin Peaks, and a lot of very intriguing films such as Mulholland Drive or Lost Highway, which kind of reminds me a bit of the PLL vibe. In D. Lynch's films or series, the blond and the brunette always play a similar role: the blond is always this pure but love to hate kind of girl, the she has it all and is super sweet and naive, and then opposite of that, you have the brunette, who is the more outrages one, the sometimes jealous one, or the one with the dark side.
I thought Ravenswood / PLL would have this kind of cast as well, but I don't think the producers did that here.
To go back to the story line... 
Without spoiling the story, I was like: ok, right so people died because of a flood, so now they come back via this water y substance and they want revenge/cry for help/.. (remember the bath scene with Caleb? Or the woman disappearing in water o r the car sinking in water?) Well... that kind of made me not want to watch the second episode. It is not really super scary or makes me want to see more.

Going back to PLL, I have to say, it is probably my most favorite show on television. I just love everything about it. I think that season 3 was the absolute best of the best, topped off with that Halloween special on the train. It was just so well written, with so many difficult plots and theories. It kept everyone wondering who was A, if Ally was still alive, what the reasoning behind A is, and definitely now: What does Esra have to do in all of this???
I once read someones theory a while back of Esra being A... I thought, hey that is pretty clever, the freaky teacher, surrounding himself with teenagers he hates or secretly has a crazy obsession for. 
But who knows? Apparently, the writers of PLL have admitted him to play a part in the scary group, however... Nothing is the way it seems... Whatever we have to understand from that. Maybe Esra is just looking out for those girls.. and knows who A is... Or ... maybe after seeing the Halloween special, not. And what does CC and Ally have in common with the red coat? Do they work together or does CC uses this to distract her looks? And, where is  Mona in all of this? 
Aaah I love this show and I can't stand having to wait for JANUARY to see what happens next! I promise you, if you have never watched this show before, guaranteed you will fall in love with it - give it some time cause the first season is not as good as afterwards - and those producers could actually go on and on with this show, it will never get boring. 

I think I will watch the second episode of Ravenswood after all, maybe it will take a similar PLL direction :) 

Talk to you soon 


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