Monday, October 14, 2013

Coloring my hair with L'oreal Preference in Vienne 7

So... Remember my video on how to dye your hair professionally at home? 
Well, I was actually completely against boxes. These coloring boxes are just ... not the real deal. I've always just experimented with actual color tubes you buy at some professional hair supply store where the real hairdressers go shopping. Until this weekend. 
I've been super uper busy lately and well, my color was just fading out a little bit too much these last days (you could really see my actual hair color coming which is an ash blond so lighter but more meh than my colored hair). 
I was running around town like a crazy person but I could not go another day with a ponytail in my hair just because you could see my roots (Jaiks) so I just decided i'd buy one of these boxes in the supermarket while I was doing my groceries. I picked up this box because I have done the ombre look in my hair using the ombre kit from l'oreal and the boxes look a lot alike. 
Until I came home and saw this photo on the box at the top...

... Do I need to say more... :D
Anyway, I just thought, it's a 7, I'm a 7, let's just color the hair and move on, so that's what I did.
The box comes with a color shampoo, a developper, an exilir oil which you all have to throw together, and then some gloves and a conditioner which you can use up to 6 times.
I really love the conditioner, it smells great and made my hair feel like silk. The conditioner definitely deserves a 10.
The coloration on the other hand, is not as bad as I would imagine (my experience has always been that you can just not see the color and your actual color shines completely through), however I left this on a little bit longer than 20 minutes, and I have to say, all my roots are covered!
On of the things you have to think of is the amount of product you will actually get. I barely got enough to cover my roots with one box, so if you want to do your whole hair, and you have medium to long hair, definitely buy two or maybe even three boxes. (I'm really not exaggerating here)
The box costs about 10 euros, or 14 to 17 dollars in the stores I have seen the product. But you might find a cheaper version on ebay or in your local supermarket or drugstore.

Color wise I would say that the color is not very neutral. Even though on the box it says a clear 7 mid blond, it did color my hair a touch lighter than my normal 7 dye plus it did what I absolutely HATE: if you press your roots to your scalp, the hair is just orange. Really nasty. However, because I only used it on my roots, you can't really see the orange that much, only in certain lights.
I'm guessing the orange color is also a reaction on my color underneath. I can imagine if you have blond hair and you want to go a little bit darker this could be a very pretty color on you. But if you have dark brown or black hair and you try this... on your roots, I'm pretty sure it will turn out orange...

I just colored my hair yesterday, so I'm not really sure about how long the color will last for.

I think I will go back to the hair dye from the professional hair supply store..


Oh, if you follow my blog, you might have noticed I have not yet uploaded my Rihanna makeup tutorial.. I just saw the footage and I HATE the lighting :( It seems like I don't have any makeup on but I had put loads on :s So I'm going to do the exact same look (cause it was so pretty) and use a different background and try to make it work.
I will probably film this tomorrow or any of the following days, so make sure to check that out - if you feel like it :)

Have a wonderful day!

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