Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Make Up!

I bought some new make up after seeing some tutorials on YouTube by StyleSuzi and Meganheartsmakeup and DaniellaChristina (who loves lip sticks).

I bought this Mac lip stick, called "Snob", I bought a blush called "Cowgirl" I think, and a blending brush. I also bought some Elf make up as it is SUPER cheap (3 dollars for the eye kit and the blush).

After buying a Sephora eyebrow pencil, I decided to go for a cheaper alternative and I have to say that I'm more happy with this kit! I use the lighter brown more to really shape the eyebrow (it's a powder which makes it easy to shape). The darker brown is a more sticky cream which accentuates your eyebrows more (good for a night out or when you don't use a lot of make up on the rest of your face). It is very effective all day, and that for only 3 dollars!!

I know it's not sharp, but you can get an idea of the color :)

This blush looks scary pink, but actually when you put a little bit on your cheeks, it gives a really nice and healthy look. You don't need much to create the effect, so that will save you some money!

The blending brush from Mac is quite good, even though I would have probably gone for the smaller one.. 

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